Zip #K-002

Zip lives up to its name. Don't blink when you hit the launch button! This sporty and easy-to-build model will surprise you with quick, high flights even on the lowest power motors. Zip is a great “Mini-A” streamer model!

    Flights up to 1,000 feet
    Fully illustrated instructions
    Full-color waterslide decals
    Self-stick trim
    Laser-cut Balsa fins
    Streamer recovery
Length 8 in. (20.32 cm)
Diameter 0.544 in. (13.82 mm)
Weight ** 0.35 oz. (9.92 g)
¼ A3‑2T, ½ A3‑2T, A3‑4T, A10‑3T.
* Price does not include tax and shipping costs.
International customers: Please contact us for shipping and handling pricing for your country.
** Weight taken without motors installed.